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Conclusion / Девиантность, преступность, социальный контроль в обществе постмодерна / Библиотека (книги, учебники и журналы) / Медицинский справочник

Книга: Девиантность, преступность, социальный контроль в обществе постмодерна


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Certainly, contemporary Russian system of the criminal justice and the police are more democratic and more liberal than in Soviet Union. But there are many negative manifestation and tendencies, particularly from 1999-2000. The number and rate of violence is very high, wich is a result of the poor social and economic situation, social and economic inequality, and mass exclusion from the economic system. There are the new waves of organized crime – aspiration to the legalization of criminal activity; transition to legal and semi-legal activity; infiltration to legal business and power structure; the politicization of organized crime; and the criminalization of policy and economy. Russia is going farther and farther along the road to being a criminal state and a criminalized society.

Corruption in contemporary Russia is a product of the political system – a mechanism of the political regime. Wholesale corruption is the most serious Russian problem, because all other Russian problems cannot be solved until the «black market» is eliminated. The criminal justice system is ineffective, fraught with injustice and corruption, and depends of corrupt policy and politicians. Finally, the police and other «powerful structure», including the FSB, are very repressive, undemocratic, and irresponsible.

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